Oct 192015

Christmas CardTime for Tinsel Christmas card is designed for a card sketch challenge.  I enjoy using card sketches to start the creative process.

What do I do next when designing a card?  Once I have a general idea of the shapes I want, I look to colors.  I knew I wanted to use Silver Glimmer paper snowflakes and to me that means a cooler color scheme such as the blues.

Actually unless I have a specific theme such as Christmas or a birthday or get well wishes, I choose the sentiment based on the room I have available.  Silver snowflakes usually mean Christmas or winter so those are the stamp sets I look for in my stash.  Sometimes I will have a specific message I want to include and then I choose the layers to match the size and shape of the sentiment.

If I were to re-make this card, I might add some texture to the blue layers – maybe some small polka dot embossed pattern.

I would love to know what aspects of the card do you plan first or last.  Please leave your comments below or Email Me with your suggestions and share your card design.

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