Oct 142013
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Oct 142013

It has definitely been a long, hard summer.  We sold our home of 23 years and moved to Oregon this summer.  The 23 years should give you an idea about how much “stuff” we had to move.    We are definitely collectors bordering on hoarders, especially when it comes to my crafting supplies.  I know there are people out there who can relate.

Well…. I have been without my Stampin’ Up! supplies for nearly three months.  When I started packing, I never dreamed it would take this long to get moved and then get settled again.  Happiness was finding my craft table and ink pads.  Disappointment was not finding my trimmer, glues, embellishments, and Big Shot.  Since I cannot cut a straight line with scissors, I was really challenged.

But I want to embrace the opportunity to re-organize as my supplies surface.

Craft Room

This is the beginning.  The photo may look a little funny because I merged two separate photos together so you could get a better idea of my dilemma.  So many types of storage and not enough space.  We all are faced with this problem.  What type of storage will best fit our space and and our particular type of crafting?  We usually don’t do just one thing.   My business is paper crafting, but I dabble in many things and it all has to fit into this room.  You can’t see behind the carts on the left, but my sewing machine and table are stashed in the corner.

I am not complaining.  I am fortunate to have a room I can dedicate to crafting.  I know many friends who only have a box stashed under the bed or a closet to store their things.  What I want to know is how do you solve your storage issues?


Oh what great news!!!   I found my Big Shot and my tabletop cutter today.  Now I have to clear a space so I can get to creating.  Help me out with your storage ideas?  Whether big or small, I want to share because I know we all struggle with how to store our crafting supplies.  Add your comments below or send me an email.  Include photos in an email.