Mar 102014

Brayer imageLet’s review a few tricks on how to use your brayer.  The brayer is an inexpensive tool that is very versatile.  You can use it to make backgrounds, ink stamps, and apply ink directly to paper.

There are techniques that use a variety of found objects and the brayer to create backgrounds.  You can see an example of the bubble wrap technique on this card I made last year.  Experiment and you will find several items that make a beautiful background:  string, rubber bands, bubble wrap, dense foam packaging, and netting.

A popular technique with the brayer is resist.  Here is a link to another example of emboss resist.  You can use crayons or crumpled wax paper to create a resist on your paper and then ink over it with the brayer.

You can also use the brayer with masking.  Cover part of your paper with scrap paper and then brayer a color over the uncovered area.  Move the scrap paper and add another layer of color with the brayer and you get shades.  You can create landscapes with this technique.  brayered landscape

If you want a particular pattern or shape, try punching out a shape such as small hearts or flowers and use a temporary adhesive to attach them to your paper.  Now brayer over them.  Remove the punched out masks and you have a background of hearts or flowers, etc, all over your paper.  Petite Petal masks





Another fun way to use your brayer is like a paint brush.  Color your brayer with markers and then “paint” your paper.  To see this example and a few more CLICK here to see a downloadable .pdf.

These are just a few ideas for using your brayer.  Bring your brayer out of storage and try a few of these techniques.  Get inspired and then share your results.  If you would like more information about how to use your brayer, contact me.


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